Anna Badar

Suffolk Landscapes

Dunwich Heath series no 6

Mixed Media on Canvas
23cm x 23cm

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Dunwich Heath series no 6
Spexhall Field No 3
Valley with Birches 2016
rape fields with birches
Barley Meadow, Fressingfield
Barley Field, Ilketshall St Lawrence 2019
Spexhall Field No 4
Spexhall Field No 1
Spexhall Field No 5
Dunwich Heath Trail
Spexhall Field No 6
Dunwich Birches 2014
Forest Trail 2
Sunset, Dunwich Heath
Storm Passing, Dunwich
Dawn over Dunwich
Sunset, Dunwich Heath
Full Moon, Dunwich
Storm, Dunwich
Forest Trail
Dusk 2 Dunwich Heath
Storm 2 Dunwich
Dunwich Moon
Blue Oak
Dunwich Oak
Dusk Dunwich Forest III 2015
Dunwich Birches
Dunwich Forest 1X 2013
Dunwich Forest V11
Dunwich Forest V111
Dunwich Birches 11
Dunwich Forest 11
Dusk 2 Dunwich Forest 2013
Dusk 3 Dunwich Forest 2013
Dingle Marshes 11 2011
Night Shadows
Dunwich Forest 1
Dunwich Heath 1
Dunwich Heath V
Blyth Valley 2010
Dingle Marshes 1V
Birches sunlight
Dunwich Forest 1
Dunwich Forest 111
Red Oak
Dunwich Moon
Blue Moon, Dunwich
Westleton Heath birches
Blyth River no2
Half moon Dunwich
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